Sunday, February 04, 2007

Free ABAP Coding Guide from SAP Professional Journal

SAP Professional Journal is publishing a 3 part FREE article series on ABAP coding named "An indider's guide to writing robust, undertandable, maintainable, state-of-the-art ABAP programs". This is a must read for ABAP newcommers and for already established ABAPers. For newcommers, ABAP stands for Advance Business Application Programming.

Part 1 - Fundamamental Rules and formal criteria

Part 2 - Best practices

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Is there a high demand of SAP Consultants?

I my natal Romania, there is a high demand of SAP Consultants like there is for anything else from construction to real estate to trainings or you name it. There is a boom on SAP market right now as I can see hirings ads all over the place. Everybody is hiring SAP Consultants, the local established SAP consultancy companies and also there are other just arrived on the market like Accenture, HP and Bering Point to name a few. This is a good thing but also a bad thing from my perspective.

The good thing is that there is a lot of business going on and a lots of companies wants to implement SAP. Right now there are a lots of major SAP projects in implementation phase. The companies will implement SAP one way or another and they will need qualified people (read SAP Consultants)to implement and then maintain their productive SAP solution.

The bad thing is that there are not too many senior SAP Consultants and that's way they hire juniors with no SAP experience and they throw them directly into the projects after some basic traing. This leads to poor SAP implementations, angry and unsatisfied customers. And this is bad for SAP Consultants because they will be places togher with juniors in the same bucket.

I think this issues are common in each expanding market when demand goes ahead of offer and the gap cannot be closed without taking decision like hiring juniors and throw them into the projects. These leads to another issue I will try to write about in the next posts: When you can say you are not longer a junior? When do you become a senior SAP Consultant?

If you have informations about the demand for SAP Consultants in any market please feel free to comment on this post of on SAP Blog Forum.

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