Friday, July 09, 2010

Replacement Value Procedure in EDM Profile

When creating an EDM profile a replacement value procedure can be allocated.The role of this procedure is to create missing values in the profile. This can be done in the import process or in the billing simulation process. I belive the system creates the missing values in the settlement process as well but I haven't tested it (yet).

Recently I was asked the following question by a fellow EDM consultant:I want to use the replacement value procedure just in case of billing simulation and not during billing. So I started to play around in the system and I discovered that when defining the RV Procedure there is a setting called RVP After Imp (in SPRO -> SAP Utilities -> Energy Data Management -> Profile Management -> Replacement Value Creation -> Define Replacement Value Creation Group.

I quickly defined a RVP group and I didn't set up the RVP After Imp field. I created a profile and a quick file to use in transaction EEDMIMP01 - Profile Import. When the RVP After Imp field was set on the RVP group, the system created the missing profile values.If the field is not set, system doesn't create the missing profile values.Also, when doing the billing simulation in EA00 the system creates the missing profile values based on the RVP configuration.

So, if you need to set up your RVP group to be used only in billing simulation but not in billing do not set up the field RVP After Imp.