Saturday, August 11, 2007

SAP IS-U Courses

I just had my first training experience as a trainer outside my home country. I did 2 SAP IS-U courses for large IT company from Belgium. In the first 2 days I did IUTW44 SAP IS-U Master Data for Deregulation and then I did IUTBIL - SAP EDM Settlement Workshop which was the most interesting for my students. I had 7 students for the courses and they were very eager to grasp new SAP IS-U concepts and knowledge. The courses IUTW44 and IUTBIL are a little to technical for any student who has no SAP experience but it all come very good in the end and the evaluations for the courses was really good.
I just want to mention that I can teach the following courses:
IUT110 - IS-U Introduction
IUT210 - IS-U Basic Functions
IUT220 - IS-U Device Management
IUT225 - IS-U EDM Overview
IUT230 - IS-U Billing and Invocing
IUT235 - IS-U RTP Billing
IUT250 - IS-U Customer Services
IUTW44 - IS-U Master Data Deregulation
IUTBIL - IS-U EDM Settlement Workshop
If anyone is interested to offer me a job for doing a training please drop me an email.