Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Breaking into SAP

Many readers of this Blog was asking me about how to "Break into SAP". I found a very interesting guide you can read here.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Career Objectives for 2006

Happy New Year!
2005 was a great year for my career and I hope 2006 will be even greater.
This is 2005 in review (from my career point of view):

My career Objectives for 2005 was:
1) Get ABAP skills:
How to achieve it:
- debug errors
- review instructions that I don’t know
- write simple programs (2 hours/week)
- read ABAP discussion forums
- read ABAP articles

2) Get Workflow skills:
How to achieve it
- read SAP Workflow documentation
- read SAP Workflow forums

3) Get IS-U overview skills
- read IS-U courses

4) MM/WM & SD skills
- read MM&SD discussion forums
- read MM&SD articles
- read MM&SD management books


During 2005, I have increased my knowledge in the following fields:
- ABAP debugging. How: Every time the configuration ends into an error or into a wrong result I debugged the ABAP program of the transaction that generated the error.
- ABAP programming. I have developed some ABAP reports: List of invoices, Change the rate category of the installation based on the annual consumption stored into an installation fact.

2) Print Workbench. I reviewed the IS_U_BI_BILL standard form and altered it to display the gas direct tax and the right amount in ROL.

3) ISU Overview. I need to focus more on this topic in the coming year. I have not read the ISU courses yet. To do for the next year:
- read ISU courses
- focus on EDM.

4) MM/WM & SD skills. This topic was not my priority during 2005 and will not be for 2005 either.

5) Presentation skills. This year I had 3 presentations, 2 was focused on MM module and one was ISU - billing related.

6) Training skills
This year I trained 10 people for 5 days in ISU billing.

7) ISU Billing and Invoicing. I got a good understanding of Billing and Invoicing model, functionalities and process.

My career is on the right path. I love what I do and I love to learn more about SAP IS-U. I think that IS-U will have a good market in Romania and in Eastern Europe. In 2005, I planed the above objectives but I didn’t review it until now, and this is not a good practice. For 2006, I want to plan a few objectives for career development and I want to review the progress to achieve those objectives at least monthly.

Career objectives for 2006.

These are the career objectives for 2006:

1) Learn German language.
I think that if I learn to speak German, I will have many opportunities (SAP projects) to choose from to develop my career as an SAP Consultant.
How to achieve this objective:
- Buy and Learn German for Beginners Correspondence Course from Eurocor.
- Spend at least 4 hours/week learning German.
- Speak German with SAP consultants from SAP AG.
- Learn 10 German SAP words per week.

6 months after starting to learn German, I should be able to have a conversation on real life situations.
Total learning hours after 6 months (projected): 96 hours
Total SAP German Words after 6 months (projected): 240

12 months after starting to learn German, I should be able to have a conversation on technical SAP issues. Total learning hours after 12 months (projected): 198 hours
Total SAP German Words after 6 months (projected): 480

2) Learn ISU EDM - Energy Data Management.
How to achieve this objective:
- be part of EDM implementation team in a project
- read books on the subject.