Friday, June 11, 2010

Packt invites SAP experts to write a new set of books

Packt Publishing ( is planning to expand its range of SAP books and is currently inviting book ideas and potential authors.

A list of some of the topics Packt will be interested in publishing includes:

SAP Business Intelligence SAP reporting with various SAP tools and crystal reports SAP ERP SAP certification guides SAP Netweaver

Packt is laso looking to develop books on specific industries like finance, fashion, medicine, law and so on.

While Packt is interested in these topics, this list is not exhaustive. If you have some interesting ideas on topics not mentioned in this list, you are welcome to send them across to the editorial team at Packt.

You don't need to have any past writing experience to write these books. If you have expert knowledge of your subject, a passion to share it with others and an ability to communicate clearly in English, you will be a perfect fit to write for Packt. Having an official recognition as SAP expert will be an advantage but not necessary.

Packt pays a royalty of 16% to its authors and an advanace against it.

So, if you love SAP and fancy writing a book, here's an opportunity for you. Contact Packt at with your book idea (if you have one). Even if you don't have a book idea and are simply interested in writing a book, Packt is keen to talk to you.

More details about this opportunity are available at: