Sunday, November 23, 2008

Free SAP Tip #1 - How to Use Substitutions in FI

Nice article on How to Use Substitutions in FI module.


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Saturday, November 22, 2008

SAP IS-U Billing Tariffs

Hey guys!

Do you have problems with setting up an IS-U Billing rate or something related to EDM in your current project. Let me help you. Send me your rate structure / EDM issue and I'll help you.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Free SAP Tips

Every day I discover new things in SAP. I want to share them with you.

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Here is the first one:
Free SAP Tip
by Daniel Toba @ SAP Blog

ABAP debug

You want to enter in debug mode but you are in a modal window and cannot access the T-code box to type /H. Here is what you need to do to get into debug.

Open Notepad.

copy and paste the following line:


Save the document as debug.txt

Open the Windows Explorer and drag and drop the debug.txt file ontop of the SAP modal window. Voi la, you are in debug mode!

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What is my typical day as an SAP Consultant?

I got inspired by the previous post and wanted to share some of my daily SAP activities. I'm not doing all the bellow actions in one day, of course:
So, here they are:
1) A good day is starting with a good coffee. Back when I was working in Romania I had two ways of drinking coffee depending where I would have been. When I was going to my company office I would drink the coffee at the office while reading my emails. Sometimes I was doing the same when I was going to the client’s site. But sometimes I just drank the coffee after the breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
2) Read my emails. I start each day reading my emails and response to the ones in need of one.
3) Attend to meetings. SAP Consulting is about meetings, getting information and requirements about the client’s business processes. Interact with client’s team members or other SAP Consultants to design the SAP processes. There are a lot’s of meeting during the Blue Print phase of the project. Of course each meeting should be documented and meeting notes should be posted on the project’s document repository.
4) Design and document the business processes. Of course meeting’s results should be documented in the TO BE SAP business processes. Usually the processes are documented using plain English and Process Diagrams. Then you discover there are some gaps between the client’s processes and SAP processes so you need to think about ways to fill the gap: usually a manual step in the process, an external application which needs to be interfaced with SAP or a SAP ABAP Development (report, form, enhancement, user-exit).
5) Configuration and testing. This is what I like the most. Configuring the system and finding ways to solve client’s problems with standard SAP system. Testing is also a lot of work.
6) Writing technical specs. Once you identified a gap you need to write a technical spec about how that gap will be filled. Then the technical spec goes to a ABAP technical consultant who is creating the ABAP object to fill the gap.
7) Presentations. Design and Create PPT presentation for the client to demonstrate SAP functionalities / business process flows. Usually the presentation is created to sustain a deliverable
8) ABAP coding and debugging . Back when I was working in Romania I’ve done a lot of ABA coding and debugging. And I’m like doing it. Actually my hobby is SAP Workflow.
9) Lot’s of other stuff. List is open you can contribute. Please leave a comment.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What does an SAP Consultant do?

This is an interview with an SAP Consultant working for IBM.