Friday, March 28, 2008

SAP IS-U Billing advance topics workshop

I've put together a 1 day SAP IS-U Billing advance topics workshop.
The workshop contains the following topics:
Dynamic Period Control
- DPC scenarios
- DPC configuration
- DPC billing rate structure

Reset the yearly consumption to zero starting on 01.01.NNNN from the billing schema
- variant program creation
- use of seasons

RTP Billing
- EDM Overview
- RTP Component
- RTP Interface
- EDM formulas
- RTP billing

If you are interested drop a mail (danieltoba at yahoo dot com ) and I'll let you know further details about the dates, location and price.

Monday, March 10, 2008

New SAP IS-U group

Hi All,

As IS-U group is not longer working I would like to take the
opportunity to create a new SAP IS-U group where we can continue to
learn new things from each other.

The new SAP IS-U group address is:

Thank you,

Daniel Toba
SAP IS-U Group