Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why I like beeing an SAP Consultant

I like beeing an SAP Consultant because it requires a mixture of diferrent skills from different area, and to combine those skills is a nice career. I like the tehnical part of a business (IS system, programming, databases, etc) but also the business itself (I'm an graduate of Accountings). I like meeting new people and exchange ideeas, I like to travel and see new cities and sites, I like to dress in a suit (I love ties), I like to learn and read a lot (both tehnical and business related stuff), and of course I'm making good money out of this.
Now, the question is: is consulting for everyone? When I was a student I wanted to be a programmer, but then I discover that programming is boring because you don't get the chance to express yourself, you only write code based on tehnical specifications. Consulting is the opposit. People are asking for your advice, you CONSULT them on different matters and aspects of their business, and the you have the chance to configure the business in SAP, by making links between software components and functions. That's why I love beeing an SAP consultant.

SAP Books

This is a list of SAP Books:

SAP R/3 Books List (ABAP, Basis, Functional)

SAP Training CD ROMs
Computer Based Training on SAP Functional, Basis Administration and ABAP/4 Programming

Implementing SAP
Sap R/3 Implementation: Methods and Tools
Implementing SAP R/3: The Guide for Business and Technology Managers (Other Programming)
Implementing SAP R/3: The Guide for Business and Technology Managers [DOWNLOAD: ADOBE READER]
SAP Planning: Best Practices in Implementation
SAP(R) R/3 Implementation Guide
Successful SAP R/3 Implementation: Practical Management of ERP Projects
SAP(R) R/3(R) Process Oriented Implementation: Iterative Process Prototyping
Implementing Sap R/3 : How to Introduce a Large System into a Large Organization, 2nd Edition
Enterprise Management with SAP SEM / Business Analytics
Why ERP? A Primer on SAP Implementation
Implementing SAP R/3 on OS/400 (IBM Redbooks)
Capturing the whirlwind : your field guide for a successful SAP implementation
Getting Maximum Value from SAP R/3
SAP Smart Forms
SAP Customer Relationship Management
mySAP CRM: The Offcial Guide to SAP CRM Release 4.0
SAP Certification for MM, SD, PP, FI, CO
Sap R/3 Certification Exam Guide
SAP Electronic Data Interchange
ALE, EDI, and IDoc Technologies for SAP
Search www.amazon.com for more SAP books

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Career Builders Toolkit: The Book

Matt Moran, an writer, spokeman and IT Consultant, wrote The IT Career Builders Toolkit, a book about bosting your career and take it to new hights. Matt is also writing a blog about IT career: http://blogs.ittoolbox.com/pm/career/. I think it worth reading Matt's book and blog, and also his website http://www.cbtoolkit.com. This readings will definetly add value to your career.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Becoming a SAP Consultant

Steve posted an comment on this post asking me about "How to become a SAP Consultant". That's is a good question which deserves an detailed answer.

Becoming a SAP Consultant is a hard job, beeing SAP consultant is even harder. Anyway, it pays the effort. Entering into the SAP world can be possible in 2 ways:
- working for a company that wants to implemente SAP as it Enterprise Application System, either as a final user (the one which enters the data or runs some reports) or as a key user (the one which take part in the implementation project as a member of the implementation team)
- get a job as a Junior SAP consultant with a SAP Consultancy Company, with or without SAP experience.
After first contact with SAP as a junior consultant it takes 2 years to be confortable with one module and be a Consultant with responsabilities in configuration.

How did I found my path into a SAP Consultant Career.
In 2000, I was in my final semester at Academy of Economics Study in Bucharest, Romania. I decided to get a job before I finish the studies so I applyed to many programmers jobs, but I got only rejections, exept from ROMSYS, my current employer which decided to hire my as a ERP Consultant. So for 3 years I've been an ERP consultant for an local romanian ERP application. And after this 3 years, my company decided to become an SAP partener and I was choosen to be part of the new SAP team. Now I have 2 years of SAP experience, an MM certification and 1 year experience is SAP IS-Utilities (Billing and Invocing).
Hope all of you who wants to become an SAP Consultant to be as lucky as I was, get a junior SAP Consultant job and work as hard as you can to progress into your SAP Consultant Career. It worth.