Saturday, April 30, 2005

SAP Certification

Sorry for the relative quietness at my blog lately. I wasn't so inspired this spring, maybe because of the weather (it was a little to rainy), maybe because of the stress of starting a new project. But now I'm back and writing.
I want to share my exeprience of getting SAP Certified Consultant. I have a Certification on Purchasing (MM module) since December last year.
In the mid of 2004, my boss asked me to prepare for the certificaton. Back then I was working with MM module. So after about 1 year of experience and 2 MM courses at SAP UK Education (SCM500 - Processes in Procurement and SCM510 Invetory Management) I started to study hard for this certification exam. After one month of hard studying, I had to swich to SAP IS-U and I didn;t had so much time to study for certification. But luckly for my I have a "brilliant mind" and I only had to make a quick review of the MM courses.
After all those hours of studying, on Nov 12, 2004 I pass the Certification Exam with a score of 79 points.
My advice for the ones who wants to get MM certified:
- read all the courses. There aren't tricky questions but you should know as much details as you can
- study the IMG configuration
- study the SAP forums like
Review your knowleadge every day.

Good luck.


certification said...

Nice post. Really I liked it.
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Anonymous said...

Nice post. Really I liked it.
I have a mcse 2000 site. It pretty much covers mcse 2000 related stuff.

Meghana said...


I read some of your blogs.Very informative!!!!I also write some blogs but not on SAP.

I am also a SAP Service Management consultant.Want to do certification in CS or SM.

Could you please suggest how can I prepare?

seventyros said...

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sushma said...

Thanks for sharing this Informative content. Well explained.Got to learn new things from your Blog on SAP SD.