Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Skills of a good SAP Consultant I

What are the skills of a GOOD SAP Consultant? Well, this is a hard to answer question but I'm willing to take the risk ans propose an answer. I hope others will come with theirs opinions to compile a GOOD SAP Consultant Profile. Today I will focus on comunication skills.

1) Comunication Skills.
A GOOD SAP Consultant must know how to comunicate with other parties involved in the implementation: customer employees, customer team members, coleagues, management team, other vendors.
A GOOD SAP Consultant must adjust it's comunication skills to the level of whom he/she needs to comunicate, so he/she must know when to speak and when to listen, when to jump into a conclusion, when to have a hard tone or a soft one. I think all this skills comes after years of experience (I have 5 years of ERP consulting) and I still learn from my comunication experiences.
Also, it is important to know the language in which you comunicate. I think that all the SAP consultants must know English and also German, because there are a huge part of SAP which is documented in German. (From my experinece, the IS-U module has it's function modules documentation mostly in German).

Other comments anyone?
Next time will introduce other skill: Programming knowledge.


mnblog said...

I am a management graduate with 3 yrs experience in sales.
I want to change my industry to IT and I dont want to do selling.
I am creative person and cn bring new ideas to work.
will a career in SAP be good for me as this will be my complete shift to IT industry?
Please advise as i am not able to decide between SAP and pursuing a seperate course on ORACLE and then may be pick up a job. Also I would not like to have a pay lower than what i earn today.

dennyx said...

If you dont have a background in IT you can have an SAP career without a doubt. I konw SAP Consultants who had priviously worked like secretaries, engineers, HR, accountants, etc.. Depends if you like it or know. There's a lifestyle coming with the SAP consultant career. That is a lot of travel and a lot of time spent away from your family. Sometimes is good sometimes is bad. However I like it.
My advice: go for the SAP career no matter your previous career was, and be passionate about it.

mnblog said...

Thanks for the advice, but I've also heard that SAP is loosing its value now and no more lucrative. Also if I have to choose between doing ORACLE or any other Private course of any language like Java and such and If I have to choose SAP considering my 3.5yrs experience and most importantly growth prospects which one is better. Kindly advise.

mnblog said...

Is it advisable to do SAP parttime on self learning basis along with my existing job or take a leave for 25 days at stretch as the full time course requires. I am confused whether to leave my job and take the risk of joining the course and searching for job thereafter. Is it worthwhile taking this risk. Kindly advise.

seventyros said...

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sushma said...

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