Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why I like beeing an SAP Consultant

I like beeing an SAP Consultant because it requires a mixture of diferrent skills from different area, and to combine those skills is a nice career. I like the tehnical part of a business (IS system, programming, databases, etc) but also the business itself (I'm an graduate of Accountings). I like meeting new people and exchange ideeas, I like to travel and see new cities and sites, I like to dress in a suit (I love ties), I like to learn and read a lot (both tehnical and business related stuff), and of course I'm making good money out of this.
Now, the question is: is consulting for everyone? When I was a student I wanted to be a programmer, but then I discover that programming is boring because you don't get the chance to express yourself, you only write code based on tehnical specifications. Consulting is the opposit. People are asking for your advice, you CONSULT them on different matters and aspects of their business, and the you have the chance to configure the business in SAP, by making links between software components and functions. That's why I love beeing an SAP consultant.


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sushma said...

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