Sunday, January 08, 2006

Career Objectives for 2006

Happy New Year!
2005 was a great year for my career and I hope 2006 will be even greater.
This is 2005 in review (from my career point of view):

My career Objectives for 2005 was:
1) Get ABAP skills:
How to achieve it:
- debug errors
- review instructions that I don’t know
- write simple programs (2 hours/week)
- read ABAP discussion forums
- read ABAP articles

2) Get Workflow skills:
How to achieve it
- read SAP Workflow documentation
- read SAP Workflow forums

3) Get IS-U overview skills
- read IS-U courses

4) MM/WM & SD skills
- read MM&SD discussion forums
- read MM&SD articles
- read MM&SD management books


During 2005, I have increased my knowledge in the following fields:
- ABAP debugging. How: Every time the configuration ends into an error or into a wrong result I debugged the ABAP program of the transaction that generated the error.
- ABAP programming. I have developed some ABAP reports: List of invoices, Change the rate category of the installation based on the annual consumption stored into an installation fact.

2) Print Workbench. I reviewed the IS_U_BI_BILL standard form and altered it to display the gas direct tax and the right amount in ROL.

3) ISU Overview. I need to focus more on this topic in the coming year. I have not read the ISU courses yet. To do for the next year:
- read ISU courses
- focus on EDM.

4) MM/WM & SD skills. This topic was not my priority during 2005 and will not be for 2005 either.

5) Presentation skills. This year I had 3 presentations, 2 was focused on MM module and one was ISU - billing related.

6) Training skills
This year I trained 10 people for 5 days in ISU billing.

7) ISU Billing and Invoicing. I got a good understanding of Billing and Invoicing model, functionalities and process.

My career is on the right path. I love what I do and I love to learn more about SAP IS-U. I think that IS-U will have a good market in Romania and in Eastern Europe. In 2005, I planed the above objectives but I didn’t review it until now, and this is not a good practice. For 2006, I want to plan a few objectives for career development and I want to review the progress to achieve those objectives at least monthly.

Career objectives for 2006.

These are the career objectives for 2006:

1) Learn German language.
I think that if I learn to speak German, I will have many opportunities (SAP projects) to choose from to develop my career as an SAP Consultant.
How to achieve this objective:
- Buy and Learn German for Beginners Correspondence Course from Eurocor.
- Spend at least 4 hours/week learning German.
- Speak German with SAP consultants from SAP AG.
- Learn 10 German SAP words per week.

6 months after starting to learn German, I should be able to have a conversation on real life situations.
Total learning hours after 6 months (projected): 96 hours
Total SAP German Words after 6 months (projected): 240

12 months after starting to learn German, I should be able to have a conversation on technical SAP issues. Total learning hours after 12 months (projected): 198 hours
Total SAP German Words after 6 months (projected): 480

2) Learn ISU EDM - Energy Data Management.
How to achieve this objective:
- be part of EDM implementation team in a project
- read books on the subject.


l.viram said...

I Really liked your blog..I have gone through a lot of the stuff you have put up and it certainly did help me. I'll tell you how:
I am a final year student of Bachelor's in Information Technology, studying at Bombay University, India. I was digging the net for stuff on SAP since that is what i'd like to get trained in after my degree. Reading your blog gave me some first hand advice or guidance and i know a lot more about SAP than i did earlier.
One Question... How do i pursue training for the same? From SAP? From Companies implementing SAP? or from training institutes? And what is the future of SAP as you see it?
By the way...A Very Happy New Year to you.

dennyx said...

Hi Viram!
I'm glad that you and many other are enjoying my SAP blog. I'm happy to guide you in your SAP career.
1) To get SAP traning you have 3 choices:
a) to get hire in a SAP implementation company - this is the best option - you get the trainng usualy for free
b)to get hire in a company which is implementing SAP and to be part of the implementation team - here you get also SAP training if you join the implementation team from the begining of the project.
c) you can get the traing from an local SAP office or other SAP partener - this is the worst option because you have to pay for the training.

In the fist 2 option you will have access to an test SAP system were you can get more experience in configuration.
I recomend you and other to get hired in an implementaion company and to start develop your SAP career by reading / trail / error.

SAP is the world leader in ERP and industry specific solutions and will remain that way. In the next 5 years I see an "enhancement market" of the already inplace SAP installation in order to get higth returns on investments.


jeefat said...


I just found ur bolg, n i really like it!!.. im a fresh graduate n i already have my SAP ABAP certification, so im still looking for my first job... ;) ... juz wanna ask ur opinion... i have an opportunity to do MCSE (microsoft certified System engineer), CCNP (Cisco certified Network Professional) or LSA (Linux System Admin) for free.. :D .. wat u think?.. which one do u think is most closely related to SAP?... or they r not related? .. Im thinking maybe MCSE is related coz it deals with the server side.... do tell me ur opinions... i am totally confused!!... cheers

dennyx said...

Hello Jefat.
The MCSE certification and other related certification will help you only if you want to pursuit a career as a SAP BASIS consultant which is the technical part of SAP. But the rates for BASIS consultants are a little bit lower than the rates for ABAP consultants. My opinion is to focus on ABAP and get some business related knowledge about one SAP module (MM and SD are the most used modules in SAP implementation).
But first, find yourself a SAP project or an SAP implementation company to work for.

jeefat said...

Thanks for the advice... can i get ur email?.. i sure could use ur advice in the future in pursuing my SAP career... my email is :

Ayisha said...

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subu said...

Atlast i found some one who can guide me porperly as your blog is more clered then others. I have worked as SAP ISU CCS end user fro two years, but i want increase my KNowlegde in Sap ISu . Is it possible fro you to provid me some kind of advice or study material which can improve my knowledge of SAP isu. It would really be a gr8 help

dennyx said...

Hi Subu
What is your area of expertise in IS-U?
Drop me a mail at danieltoba (@) yahoo (dot) com and we can talk about how to enhance your IS-U skills.


AsHoK NaNdHa said...


your blog is informative.. i have an experience of 4 yrs in web services domain. i want to my career in sap basis.since i am interested in server technology, i did MCSE also.(MCSE fresher) now i have planned to do SAP BASIS.. please tell me whether i am in the right track, if not pls tell me what shall i do further?

sam said...


I have completed BIT and now pursuing MBA in finance (distance) I work in a call center though its related to telecom billing we prepare the actual bills and send it to customer. I have been to UK as well….. now I want switch to SAP…. Honestly I don’t have any Idea about SAP….. can you please assist me how to start my training and where???

Thanks in advance

jacob said...

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seventyros said...

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Parkin Charlo said...

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Priya Y said...

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Ramya k said...

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sushma said...

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