Friday, September 14, 2007

SAP IS-U Interview questions

These are some questions we will hear if you will have an interview for an IS-U position:

Tell me about master data in IS-U.

When you advice the customer to use the regional structure and when you can live without using it?

What about billing master data, what can you tell me.

How can we install a device only for billing?

Describe the FI-CA - Billing integration for account determination.

Describe the concept of RTP Billing.

If anyone has any other questions please post it in the comments and I will add them here.


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Renaud said...

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yasmagic said... provides practice exams for SAP and technical documents which is very useful for interviews and SAP certifications.

Abdul Basith said...

How about SAP ISU CIC jobs in Europe? Can you please tell me some interview quesions on CIC.

sap ISU said...

Hi Experts..
Can anybody please provide the ISU-CIC MATERIAL,documentaions,realtime cenarios,plzz

Sujata said...

ratra said...

Ram's world said...

Hi Daniel,

I think there are plenty more questions to be added. Might be worthwhile if the questions are segregated based on Modules. These will be more in-depth questions. Let me know your views

vcpp said...

check this blog:-?

dennyx said...

Hi Ram, of course there are others. I just posted the oned I was asked during that interview.

Sandeep said...

Any Body wants study material for SAP ISU,FICO COPA,MM mail me at:

hyder said...

can u send the sap isu material to my mail id,

radhika said...

can someone send me the IS U Implementation guide and any interview questions @

Rajesh said...

Hi Danial,

Can you please provide questions on ISU Billing and Invoicing. I am seriosly preparing for Interviews.

Hope you will post soon to my mail ID

Thanks & Regards

Anurag Bajpai said...

Hi Dennyx !

i am new in sap is-u and u have a great deal of experience in it .Would you like to share your SAP Billing experience with me.

Mail ID :



iam ram any body help about isu interview questions

Ramakrishna said...

Hi dennyx sir,good morning
my name is ramkrishna ,i learned isu D.M and Billing ,now i am starting for searching ,how to get the job in this domain please give your valuable advice for me .


sushobhitgupta said...
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Srikanth said...

Can anybody please provide the ISU MATERIAL,documentaions,realtime cenarios,plzz

Sandeep G said...

Please provide me IS-U material with configuration document.
Mail id:

thanks in advance.

Trainings said...
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sudhakar reddy said...

hai i am sudhakar i need sap isu in device management and billing interview quistions,please send me, my email id

Rajnikant Kale said...

Hi Daniel,

Can anyone please provide the SAP DM interview questions or material on my mail

Thank you,

lee woo said...

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Rajiv Jani said...

What is the difference between CMO,device replacement, device removal and reversal and which t codes are used to perform these transaction?

What are some of the device synchronization issues and tell me how you solved them.

What are BR03 exceptions and how they are triggered and what is their importance in device management.

Explain the difference between TOU and non TOU devices. Tell us about how different the device settings are for them.

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