Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Question from ISU Forum

Hi, Want to know if it is pre-requisite to activate "Deregulation settings" (Supply scenario and service provider agreement) for carrying out "Settlement". Is there any training document (in line with IUT210/220 etc) released by SAP for deregulation and settlement? Thanks in advance Ajay

Hi Ajay,
It is not mandatory to activate the deregulation settings to carrying out Settlement.
The deregulation settings is used to automatically determine Supply Scenario and the deregulation settings are picked from Agremmnets between Service Providers (for example the INVOUT agreeement is used to send the grid invoice to the supplier).
There are some standard SAP Workshop for this topics:
IUTW44 - Master Data for Deregulation and Data Exchange Processes
IUTBIL - EDM Settlement

In in a project which requires both functionalities to be implemented so I'll keep posting about this topics from now on. So stay tune!


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