Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The IS-U house / Business Partner

The IS-U House is a famous picture among IS-U Consultants as it depicts a real house and how it is modeled in IS-U as IS-U Master Data.
Here is the IS-U House.

As you can see real life objects has been modeled as IS-U Master Data.
Connection Object = building
Premise = Apartment
Device Location = The location where a device is installed (e.g. Hall, Basement)
Meters = Meters
Installation = this is an object without real life correspondence and it is used for billing purposes
Contract = a contract for a specific type of utility
Contract Account = grouping of one or more contracts under the same umbrella for financial transactions
Business Partner = the customer

Let’s see what kind of data are stored at each master data level.

Business Partner
A business partner can have multiple roles within the SAP IS-U:
- Contract partner
- Installer
- Prospect
- Contact person

At the Business Partner Level we can store the following data:
- Name
- Address
- Legal Form
- Group
- Search Term

- Standard addresses
- P.O Box addresses
- Other addresses

- Telephone
- Fax
- Extension
- Internet
- E-mail

Payment Transaction
- Bank
- Bank Account

Biller Direct

- Hierarchical
- Equal
- Connected

Additional Data
- Status
- Identification Number
- Register entry


Mario said...

:-) After 15 years of SAP IS-U projects, it is funny to see that the model still reflects the old worlf of integrated and not unbundled utilities. It directly shows all the issues after unbundling and true retail only supply operations where reteilers have nothing to do with meters, devices and any other grid related assets.

Ira Kovac said...

mario - as it looks like now with the regulatory bodies coming back into fashion - we will be seeing more integrated not unbundled utilities. it'd be interesting to see how the large erp package vendors will react to the fast changing regulatorly and legal landscape as for sure we'll have changes that iwll by far exceed what we saw with sox - just my 2c. cheers, ira
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