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SAP Books for Kindle

Kindle is a great reading device from Amazon.com. I see it as an interface to the largest library on the Planet Earth. Within seconds you have access to almost 1 milion books.

If you don't have one yet, you should get one now. I recommend the Kindle Wi-Fi - it's only 139 USD.

As a SAP Consultant, I checked if there are any SAP books available for Kindle. I found a lot of interesting books which cost a lot less than the paper edition.

Here is a list of the SAP Books available for Kindle:

Sams Teach Yourself SAP in 24 Hours
Book Description: Sams Teach Yourself SAP in 24 Hours, Second Edition is the perfect tool for learning one of the most sophisticated enterprise solutions available today. Designed to being with the basics, you will become acquainted with the entire SAP system, from navigation to creating your own reports. You'll also cover:
  • Implementation tools and methodologies
  • NetWeaver
  • ECC 5.0
  • Designing Screens and menus
  • Reporting
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • And more

SAP Implementation Unleashed: A Business and Technical Roadmap to Deploying SAP
Book Description: SAP can help you capture better information and deliver it more quickly, allowing you to make better decisions and maximize the business value of everything you do. However, SAP implementations require massive effort, total buy-in, and significant change throughout the organization. In SAP Implementation Unleashed, 10 expert SAP project managers, functional consultants, and technologists guide you through the entire journey, helping you avoid pain and pitfalls and gain all the benefits of SAP.

SAP R/3 for Everyone: Step-by-Step Instructions, Practical Advice, and Other Tips and Tricks for Working with SAP
Book Description: SAP R/3 for Everyone is the nontechnical user's guide to working with SAP R/3, the leading business enterprise software product in the world. Written and road-tested by experienced SAP R/3 users and trainers, this book saves typical SAP R/3 users time and trouble by providing them with the universal skills needed to work with any module of this complex software.
SAP R/3 can be used effectively by anyone who can perform a handful of simple procedures that are employed in nearly every SAP R/3 transaction. The authors explain these procedures in plain English, using illustrations and real-world examples.

SAP® ERP Financials and FICO Handbook
Book Description: This up-to-date quick reference guides the reader through the most popular SAP module. It includes material on SAP ERP Financials, SAP FICO, and SAP R/3. Unlike most books that only provide questions and answers for certification or interview preparation, this book covers fifty common business situations related to ERP Financials/FICO and provides practical solutions for them. In addition, the book begins with over 200 FAQs and certification questions for those who need a quick review of the material. A CD-ROM with FICO templates, short cuts, and color figures from the book is included with the text.

SAP® Business Information Warehouse Reporting
Book Description: Your Hands-On Guide to SAP Business Information Warehouse. Give your company the competitive edge by delivering up-to-date, pertinent business reports to users inside and outside your enterprise. SAP Business Information Warehouse Reporting shows you how to construct Enterprise Data Warehouses, create workbooks and queries, analyze and format results, and supply meaningful reports. Learn how to use the BEx and Web Analyzers, Web Application Designer, Visual Composer, and Information Broadcaster. You will also find out how to forecast future business trends, build enterprise portals and websites, and tune performance. Group data into InfoCubes and DataStore Objects and generate reports using queries and workbooks. Work with the BEx Analyzer, Web Analyzer, and Query Designer. Build queries and reports using the Business Administration Workbench. Add attachments and drill-through using Document Integration and RRI. Format and distribute results using Report Designer and Information Broadcaster. Extend functionality with Enterprise Portal, Data Modeling, and Visual Composer. Deploy charts, maps, diagrams, and unit of measure conversions. Predict trends and possible outcomes using SBC and Integrated Planning. Generate HTML pages using Enterprise Reporting and Web Application Designer. Create BI-based corporate Web and intranet sites using SAP Enterprise Portal.

SAP Project System Handbook (Essential Skills (McGraw Hill))
Book Description: Centralize and Control Enterprise Project Management Plan, execute, and track projects across the entire lifecycle using SAP Project System (PS) and the in-depth information contained in this comprehensive volume. SAP Project System Handbook explains how to configure PS for optimal performance, design structures and networks, create project blueprints, generate cost estimates and materials demands, and use the latest SAP tools. You will find full details on scheduling work, automating and tracking billing and POs, triggering events, and integrating with most other SAP modules. An invaluable reference to PS transaction codes is also included. * Configure and customize SAP Project System * Build PS objects, networks, and Work Breakdown Structures * Use customer and service projects to track sales and billing * Understand Assembly Processing concepts * Create integrated cost, settlement, and resource plans * Develop financial, workforce, and materials management blueprints * Perform resource-related billing using Dynamic Item Processor Profiles * Simulate and automatically generate sales documents, POs, and quotations * Manage corporate investments with IM structures and AUCs * Construct timesaving Project, Network, and Milestone Templates * Extend functionality with the Project Builder, Planning Board, and ProMan

Configuring SAP ERP Sales and Distribution
Book Description: The first and only book to offer detailed explanations of SAP ERP sales and distribution. As the only book to provide in-depth configuration of the Sales and Distribution (SD) module in the latest version of SAP ERP, this valuable resource presents you with step-by-step instruction, conceptual explanations, and plenty of examples. If you're an SD consultant or are in charge of managing an SAP implementation in your enterprise, you'll want this valuable resource at your side.

  • SAP is one of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software products on the market, with over 40,000 implementations
  • Covers the latest version of SAP ERP-ECC 6.0
  • Covers common through advanced configurations, so it's helpful no matter what your level of experience with SAP
  • Explains the conceptual framework behind the configuration process

If your company uses the SD module, keep this indispensable guide on hand

SAP MM - A Complete Reference to SAP MM (Material Management)
Book Decription: This book is for those who are in SAP MM or interested to learn SAP MM. This book is wrote keeping in mind the problems faced by newcomers or end users. It includes screen shot of SAP and Describes each and every aspect like customization paths, implementation etc...

SAP: An Executive's Comprehensive Guide
Book Description: Crucial Help for Getting the Most from Today’s Information Systems Technology Deciding what type of information systems your company will need to stay competitive into the twenty-first century is a highly complex and risky exercise. SAP: An Executive’s Comprehensive Guide provides the information you need to assess your options realistically and make the most informed decisions possible. Written by a team of business, financial, and information systems professionals who have extensive experience with SAP system implementations at Fortune 500 companies, this book:

  • Explores the strategic role of client/server enterprise computing now and in the next century
  • Helps you to evaluate your company’s long-term IS requirements
  • Offers an impartial look at SAP R/3 strengths and weaknesses
  • Outlines the costs and benefits involved in implementing SAP R/3
  • Helps you decide whether SAP R/3 is right for your organization
  • Shows you how to make SAP R/3 an integral part of process redesign
  • Covers all key technical SAP aspects of concern to IS professionals

SAP Enterprise Structure Concept and Configuration Guide - A Case Study
Book Description: SAP enterprise structure is organizational structure that represents an enterprise in SAP R/3 system. It consists of some organizational units which, for legal reasons or for other specific business-related reasons or purposes, are grouped together. I wrote this e-book to explain in details about the SAP Enterprise Structure (MM and related modules such as FI, Logistics, and SD) Concept and Configuration Guide. Just like other articles on my SAP Study Materials blog, I wrote the e-book in a simple-to-understand way, so you can learn it easily. You don't need to have extensive SAP knowledge and experience to be able to configure the SAP Enterprise Structure, as the e-book start explaining each step with the basic concept behind it. After understanding the concept, the e-book will show the step-by-step configuration with the screen shots.

SAP NetWeaver Portal Technology: The Complete Reference
Book Description: Your Hands-on Guide to SAP NetWeaver Portal Technology Master SAP NetWeaver Portal with the most comprehensive, step-by-step reference available on the entire portal implementation life cycle. Written by SAP architect Rabi Jay, this book provides everything you need to plan, design, install, configure, and administer SAP NetWeaver Portal, including SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java. SAP NetWeaver Portal Technology: The Complete Reference is filled with detailed descriptions, numerous illustrations, and hundreds of expert tips. Design and deploy portals with high availability, scalability, and performance. Implement single sign-on to backend systems and integrate SAP and non-SAP applications. Configure reliable J2EE engine and portal security, and devise a flawless portal backup and restore strategy. Improve performance using portal workload, GC, thread dump, and HTTP analysis. Plan futuristically using PAM, release planning, and maintenance strategy Design global portals using federated portal networks and external-facing portals Implement self-registration and delegated user and content administration Enable authorization using security zones, UME actions, and ACL permissions Manage users centrally using LDAP, UME, and Identity Management Implement user-, type-, and attribute-based authentication Brand your portal using portal desktop rules, themes, and framework pages Configure portal transports, and deploy patches and business packages using JSPM Monitor your portal using CCMS and GRMG Availability Monitoring Manage your portal centrally using NWA and maintain systems using SLD.

More SAP books for Kindle


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