Thursday, August 25, 2005

Skills of a good SAP Consultant II

Today I will focus on:
2) Programming skills

SAP is an application developed in ABAP. I think is the only software that you can see it's source code. This is way you can see how things works behinde the scenes and you can debug the software to see where the error is coming from. I think that every SAP consultant must know a little of programming and database.

What to know about databases:
- what a table is
- what a primary key is
- how the tables are link with each other
- how to see the content of a table (SE16)

What to know about programming (ABAP):
- how to define variables
- how to define an internal tables
- how to fill an internal table
- some SQL to manipulate data
- how to debug a program

You may say that for ABAP there are ABAP consultants, but as a functional consultant you can resolve some minor issues in configuration for example if you know some abap or some debuging techniques.

Next time: 3)Presentation skills.


Pascal Renet said...

As far as table viewing goes, and depending what version you are on, I would recommend SE16N - It is much better and more feature rich then the old SE16.

dennyx said...

Hi pascal!
Thanks for your comment. Although I'm with SAP for 2 years now, I don't know transaction SE16N. But I find it very good. Conclusion: SAP is a never ending learning experience.
Thanks again Pascal.

demontero said...

Hello Mr. Daniel,

I have a few questions and would be honoured by your help if possible.

I have completed my Graduation from Mechinal stream and write now working as Funtional consultant with an ERP company.

I am in serious trouble right now with my future planing and need your valuable assistance.

my question is with in order to purue my career with ERP( and later with SAP ) what skills i sould have mastery on in order to make career as Solution Architect.

Apart from having deep information for the Database platform like SQL server do i also have to learn language profeciancy like in .net or JAVA.

Also is it required to have networking certifiations along with.

I am requiring this information before going for SAP certification in SD module.

i am not able to decide which field to pursue with. Any help in this regard would be quite valuable for me.

Thanks in advance.

seventyros said...

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sushma said...

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