Saturday, December 09, 2006

ISU Billing : Creating a manual bill

In Utilities billing ofen is necessary to create a manual bill for correcting an automatic bill or for billing special contracts that are hard to bill with a normal billing schema.

For creating a manual bill there is a SAP ISU transaction EA16 which from my point of view is not so user friendly and the user can be confused with all the fields that must be fill.

Another alternative to EA16 transaction would be a custom ABAP report where you can create some templates to create certain types of bill. To create a manual bill from an ABAP program there is a standard function module ISU_S_MANUBILL_CREATE.

Here there is a SDN post where you will find an example of how to fill the imput parameters of this function. Become a SDN member.

I will definetly use this function module in my current project in order to create some kind of bills.

Please visit SAPDocs if you are looking for a specific SAP Book.


Raj said...

Hi Daniel

Can you help me with something? Is there the ability in SAP IS-U Billing for separate billing of:
* a service fee (once a year)
* water usage fees (from meter readings)?

Also is there any issue in SAP IS-U Billing with the debt being tied to the property, rather than the customer. If the property is sold, the water debt must be cleared before change of property title.

Thanks very much


dennyx said...

Hi Raj,

You can create sepatate manual bill using EA16 for your annual charge - if I understood your question corectly.

Also at the move-out process there are some user exits where you can check if the debt is payed or not. If it's not payed you can block the move-out process with an message error.

Raj said...

Thanks for getting back on that. So a separate manual bill would need to be created for the annual service charge. That's good about the move-out process.

Thx again.


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